Generative AI agents
for every industry.
Introducing is a platform for deploying multi-modal AI agents that augment your workforce.

From front-line sales and marketing to front-office customer service and reception, aitom AI agents help you engage your customers, visitors and guests in a more responsive way.

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Key Benefits
 Expand workforce at a very low cost
Scale up during peak events to augment small human teams, freeing up existing staff for more dedicated engagements.
 AI-driven growth and revenue
As an AI-driven channel to market products and drive revenue growth, engaging with customers and recommending gifts and products that fit their needs and budget.
 Consistent quality of service
Enjoy 24/7 “tireless” reliability and consistent quality in serving customers, during peak and off-peak hours.
 Know what your customers are asking
Unlock insights on trends, sentiments and improvement areas, through AI analysis on common queries and concerns from anonymized conversations.
 Working with global users and visitors
Open up your services to international visitors, as aitom AI agents can converse in multiple languages.
 Greets users on first contact
Create a friendly and hospitable experience for your customers, visitors and guests.
 Multi-modal interaction with users
Let your user interact with the AI agent through voice, text and touch user interfaces.
 Converses in multiple languages
In English, Chinese, Malay and more.
 Trained in various domain skills
As a virtual product assistant, lobby concierge, receptionist, showroom assistant, virtual ambassador, and more.
 Contextual conversational skills
Answer customer queries on products/pricing/stock availability, make recommendations & comparisons, talk about use cases, capturing leads and escalating to human staff when necessary.
 Knowledge training
Trainable on knowledge from user-provided textual inputs, PDFs, websites and enterprise databases. We provide enterprise services to help companies automatically crawl and extract knowledge from product websites and databases.
Touchpoints in a Customer Experience Journey

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